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V-XL Instant 2 Pack




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This revolutionary supplement for men, which is absorbed by placing 1 piece directly under the tongue.

This means that V-XL INSTANT is absorbed rapidly, directly into the bloodstream, allowing the effect to take place within 5-10 minutes!

Many people, in the heat of passion, do not want to wait, so this is perfect for those who want results NOW. With a great Pineapple flavour, it is also an enjoyable alternative for those who find swallowing a capsule difficult.


Latin NameEnglish NameWeigt mgAmount per pill %
Radix Astragali SinensisMilkvetch Root48.5mg30.32%
Cortex CinnamomiCinnamon19mg11.88%
Radix GinsengGinseng Root16.3mg10.19%
Herba EpidemiiHorny Goat Weed13.6mg8.50%
Radix AngelicaeAngelica11.8mg7.38%
 Pineapple Extract0.8mg0.50%
 Colour (E110)