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Discover the world’s most effective penis pump with Bathmate Hydromax5.

Bathmate Hydromax is the world’s best-selling model of penis pump, and we’re number one for a reason – our pumps deliver real, lasting results through a uniquely powerful, completely safe design. In most cases, users start seeing improvements after just 1-3 months of regular usage, building real gains in penis size, erection quality and overall confidence.

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All in all, Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps have an incredible 92% satisfaction rate, with 75% of users reporting measurable size gains after at least 1 month’s usage (along with 82% seeing a real confidence boost).

The Bathmate Hydromax5 is designed to be an excellent starting pump for those measuring up to 5 inches long when erect. At this size, our penis pumps tend to have the most pronounced effect, as users quickly develop their size. If you’re an experienced user looking for a more powerful penis pump option, check out the Bathmate HydroXtreme5 for unmatched gains!

Designed to produce more effective, lasting gains than the original range of hydropumps, the Bathmate Hydromax range of penis pumps is all about convenience and performance. These pumps can be effectively used in either the bath or shower, making them easy to add into your day-to-day routine.

Along with the world’s most popular penis pumps, they offer a wide range of Bathmate Accessories designed to help maximise your enjoyment and performance. To get the best possible enlargement results, check out Bathmate Max Out Jelqing Serum, a unique product developed to enhance jelqing, a traditional penis lengthening method, producing incredible gains when used with a Bathmate hydropump.